Thursday, 14 September 2017


P9106059 P9106054 P9106051 P9106043 Is it me or has Summer just been and gone just like that? I feel like it was yesterday that we were getting ready to head into the warmer months. Even though in London it means we had Summer for a week and then it disappeared for another 11 months again. Now it's just like Summer sprinted past and Autumn is well and truly on it's way towards us. 
Well, I've been trying to hang on to Summer as much as possible (I am not ready to bring out my winter wardrobe just yet!) and sipping cocktails just screams Summer and sunny vibes to me. 
Even though it may not be sunny at the moment, these Martin Miller's Gin* Cocktails are no exception to making me feel all summery and they are so easy to make. I just simply cut up some Strawberries, added a squeeze of Lime and lots of ice. Then I poured some of the Martin Miller's Gin over the top and finished with some Apple and Raspberry Soda. I don't like my cocktails to taste too strong and this Gin mixes in perfectly with this combination. You could even just go with the simple Gin and Tonic mix, but I thought the Strawberries and Lime added a nice fruity touch to the drink.
What's your favourite Gin combination?

*Sponsored post with Martin Miller's Gin.


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