Monday, 22 February 2016

Triangl Bikini Review

At the end of last year, I was contacted by the lovely Triangl to see if I'd like to be gifted one of their bikinis. I literally jumped at the chance for this; This time last year I couldn't stop browsing the Triangl Instagram account wondering why I wasn't an Australian girl living life in the sun wearing a Triangl Bikini*. 
I decided to go with one of the traditional Triangl styles, even though they have expanded and have loads of new styles. This particular bikini is called, 'Poppy Melon Rose' and I have had my eyes on this for the last year or so. As you're probably bored of hearing, I love hints of metallic and the Rose Gold accents are what drew me to this. I also think this would complement a golden tan so well.
Obviously, Triangl bikinis are on the pricey side, but I can see why. The neoprene material of these bikinis means they are really thick, sturdy and mold to your body perfectly. The quality is amazing, so if you're willing to spend quite a bit for a bikini that will last you a very long while I'd definitely go for a Triangl one.
The only struggle, is the fact that these aren't stocked anywhere in the UK so picking the right size can be risky. However, the Triangl website has a live 24 chat where you can discuss how to find the right size for you in the bikini you like. This was SO helpful! Why don't other brands have this? I spoke with one of the lovely girls who advised me what size to get and when it arrived it fitted me perfectly - I could not be more relieved!
Now can summer please make an appearance so I can get to where this?


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