Monday, 25 May 2015

James Read Tanning Products

I've recently been introduced to a tanning brand I'd never have heard of before called, James Read Tan. I've only become a 'fake-tanner' for about a year now as the thought of applying fake tan scared me as I didn't want to look Orange nor patchy. I got onto the tanning bandwagon when I started by using a gradual tan product and from then I got hooked on the idea of looking sunkissed all year round. For somebody who is of Greek Cypriot heritage, I am so pale which I don't mind as much in the Winter, but who wants to be pale in the Summer?!
I first tried the, James Read Bronzing Mousse* which you apply to a tanning mitt and blend in with sweeping strokes. I have used bronzing mousse's before but I feel this one gives me the most realistic colour to what I would actually get if I was to tan naturally. I do apply a good few layers of this, leaving about half an hour in between applications to get a gorgeous Olive-toned look. This also lasts for a good week before getting patchy so I was really impressed.
Next up is the, James Read Instant Bronzing Mist*. I've never even heard of a bronzing mist so was a little dubious to see how this would look. This is amazing if you want to tan your face as it applies really lightly yet gives a really even coverage. This is my new favourite to tan my face. The Clarins Liquid Bronze has always been a massive favourite of mine also to give my face some natural looking glow.
Lastly is the, James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask*. This can be used before and after tanning to exfoliate the dead skin cells off of the skin so you can achieve a flawlessly smooth tan. There's nothing worse than patchy tan on the face as it makes you look muddy and dirty which I really cannot stand on myself or others. I love a good exfoliating mask so this works well for me before and during having fake tan on as I feel tan never lasts as well on the face due to cleansing twice a day.
I'd definitely recommend these products if you want to look glowy all summer round as these products create a long-lasting tan and the colour is one of the best I've achieved from any tanning brand I've used!


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