Thursday, 2 April 2015

Summer SS15 Metallics

As Summer draws closer (very closely and not quick enough I might add) I have been picking up some new bits and looking towards my summer wardrobe. Last year I was obsessed with metallics, anything metallic, holographic or mirrored I thought looked amazing especially up against a sunkissed tan. My most recent purchase are these gorgeous Forever 21 Slider Sandals in a metallic silver shade. I didn't really care too much about sandals a few years back but last summer I became addicted and bought quite a few pair of sliders, and chunky sandals including my beloved Gold Office sliders which you can see here. At first I despised sliders but now I really cannot get enough of them as they look chic yet are the comfiest shoes in the hot weather. Adding to my favourite metallic fashion purchases are these New Look Mirrored Lens Sunglasses I also bought last year. I love a mirrored lense on my sunglasses as I think they look so cool and New Look seem to do great sunglasses for a great price. Beauty wise, summer for me is all about Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Perfume; It is the definition of summer in a bottle. To me it smells like Pina Colada's and sun-cream, this apparently comes out every Summer in May so if you haven't tried it yet, definitely do! Also worth a try is this gorgeous iridescent nail Polish by OPI in, 'Happy Anniversary'. It may seem pretty boring in the bottle but it is a shimmery white shade which is quite subtle yet looks lovely on. Lastly is this Next Mirrored Clutch Bag which has made a few appearances in recent blog posts as I just find it goes with everything I wear and gives my outfits a minimalistic, clean finish. 
What do you think of the metallic trend?


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