Thursday, 26 March 2015

Richard Ward, 'The Chelsea Collection' Keratin Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm not particularly fussy when it comes to shampoos and conditioners, in fact I'm not really a hair product person at all. Before I dip-dyed my hair I would just use a volumising shampoo as my hair is fine and can sometimes look flat with a conditioner and that would be it. I'd try to put some Moroccan Oil on the ends as often as I could remember but it wasn't really necessary as I rarely use heat on my hair so I'd just let it air dry do it's own thing. 
Now that I have dip-dyed my hair, I do tend to want to look after my hair more as the ends have bleach in them so do need a bit more attention. These two products are the Richard Ward, 'The Chelsea Collection' Keratin Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner*. I was interested in seeing how these work as I've used smoothing and de-frizzing hair products in the past and they have not worked for me at all and have made my hair feel weighed down and look greasy.
First of all, they smell lovely and fresh and thankfully they do not leave my hair with that horrible heavy feeling. Both products leave my hair feeling smooth and also help my hair to not have that annoying after-wash fluffy, frizzy feel. Another bonus, is that both the Richard Ward shampoo and conditioner have locked in heat and UV protection so that's amazing if you forget to add a heat protectant after washing as you're already guaranteed that protection! Both products are, £5.99 and you can purchase here.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Layered Stripe

(Jumper: Zara/Dress: Warehouse/Boots: Linzi Shoes/Backpack: Urban Outfitters/Hat: Topshop/Necklace: H&M/Ring: Claire's Accessories)

I picked up this Warehouse midi striped dress the other day and wanted to get an outfit post up as soon as possible as I love it. It's actually quite simple but the fit is perfect on me and I love the ribbed, stretchy texture of the fabric and the slit up the leg. I know I will be wearing this dress loads when the weather gets warmer as it's a piece you can just throw on in summer when it's too hot to care. But for the meantime, I have layered this dress as it's that really annoying in-between winter and spring weather at the moment in the UK. This Zara jumper is perfect for layering as it's really comfy, warm but not too thick for days where it's a little warmer than average. I'm also obsessed with layering jewellery and body chains, I think they look amazing, especially with low cut tops and open shirts. This particular layered necklace I've had for a while from, H&M, but there are so many about in the shops right now so I'd definitely purchase a few as they can make a pretty simple outfit a little more interesting.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

March Favourites

So I've never actually wrote up a favourites post ever on my blog I don't think as I don't generally enjoy reading them or writing them up for that matter. However, there have been quite a few things I've been really loving lately and have wanted to feature them all so what better way then to round them up for a rare favourites post. Here goes!

Benefit Cosmetics, 'Roller Lash' Mascara, £19.50
I'm not being biased when I say this mascara is, ah-mazing! I went on training at work for this mascara and wasn't so impressed with it at first, although I always find that having opened and starting using a mascara for about a week they magically improve and grow on me. Now I think this mascara is one of the best I've used. It really lifts and curls my lashes which I love the most as well as making them soooo long, thick and separated. I'll definitely be repurchasing this.

Indeed Labs, 'Pepta-Bright' Even Tone Skin Enhancer, £29.99
I have read so much about this product and have been putting off buying it for so long as it is on the expensive end of the scale but for what I want it for, and what I've heard about it I thought I may as well just get it over and done with and try it out consistently. This cream-serum is specifically supposed to help with dull skin and scars to gently reduce them and add luminosity and glow to the skin. My skin this year has been the worst it's ever been and I've been using this for one week, morning and night, and have already seen a huge improvement in my skin overall. I'm going to continuously use this to see if it does help to reduce old scar marks.

Mac Cosmetics, 'Brave' Lipstick, £15.50
I've had this lipstick for years now (even before it came hugely popular in the last few months) and really think this colour is gorgeous. Paired with another MAC product, 'Soar' lip-liner it creates a perfect Nineties inspired Mauvey-Brown lip combination. I've also reviewed this product with swatches, here!

Nars, 'Sheer Glow' Foundation, £31.00
Let me just say I love this foundation. The texture is amazing; a light but build-able coverage which gives a really natural glow to my skin without looking shiny or greasy. It has been so difficult to find my shade which is, 'Ceylan' in stock but I finally found it and love to wear this as my everyday daily foundation. I find it a nightmare trying to find a foundation which is pale enough but also yellow enough as my skin has a super strong yellow undertone and most of the palest foundations of beauty brands always have Pink undertones which REALLY gets on my nerves. This colour is perfect for my skin, so this makes me very happy.

Chroma Stationery Pink Embossed Notepad, £8.50
I randomly came across the beautiful Chroma Stationery on Instagram and thought the pretty embossed notepads were so cute and unique. I really needed a notepad to keep on top of my blog stuff and just to generally be organised with everything! I picked the light pink colour with gold embossing of my blog name and am so happy with the outcome. These notepads are so lovely and super cheap, I'd definitely recommend Chroma Stationery.

iPad Mini, (prices vary)
I got my iPad at Christmas and have been obsessed with it since. It's so handy to have with you on the go, when you need to send emails, write up blog posts and just generally surf the web. Plus, my laptop has been acting very weird lately so it's nice to have this as a back-up. I'd definitely invest in one of these.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Casual Pastels

(Jacket: Missguided*/Jumper: Warehouse/Jeans: Topshop/Bag: H&M/Loafers: Office/Rings: Claire's Accessories/Sunglasses: Topshop/Watch: Olivia Burton)

So recently the weather in the UK has gotten a lot more Spring-like and warmer in the last few weeks which has really got me excited for changing my Winter wardrobe pieces into Spring staples. I'm craving kimonos, chunky metallic sandals and fringing - hurry up Summer!! Until then, I'm starting to add more neutral, pastel tones as I feel these always have a Spring feel to them. I loved this suede dusty pink Missguided jacket so much last Autumn as it's perfect for in-between weather and looks amazing with pretty much anything I can chuck together. This sleeveless roll-neck Warehouse jumper is a jumper which I have worn so much this Winter as I love it's minimalistic feel and it's unique colour; I feel that I'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it in Spring too as it is sleeveless and loose yet still warm enough and easily layerable. This jumper was always sold out in my size, so I do think it's a very popular choice! To complement the Blue/Grey pastel tones of the jumper I wore these beautiful patent loafers. If you hadn't guessed by now, I love me a pair of tasseled loafers.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mustard Check

(Crop Jumper: Topshop/Trousers: Primark/Loafers: Office/Coat: Zara/Bag: Primark)

I've had these Primark trousers for absolutely months now but couldn't wear them as they were too big on the waist and I wanted them to be more of a high-waisted fit, so I recently got them altered and haven't stopped wearing them since. I love the check detail; these practically go with every outfit and they feel great quality for the price I paid. Like my last post, I've really been into my trousers lately and I want to make the most of wearing them before Spring and Summer comes poking round the corner. I really love the colour palette of this entire outfit. I get that it's a very Autumn/Winter tonal feeling going on, especially with the Mustard coloured top with the deep Red lipstick and the Beige tailored Zara coat but I just don't think I'm ready to let Winter go just yet - I love a bit of layering! Although, I guess in the UK we won't be seeing Spring for a good few months anyway.


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