Monday, 9 June 2014

Benefit Cosmetics, 'Instant Comeback' Serum and 'Dream Screen' SPF

These two skincare cuties are Benefit Cosmetics new product releases for May. They include an, 'age-defying' serum called, 'Instant Comeback' and an SPF 45 for the face named, 'Dream Screen'. I was really looking forward to these two newbies because my current skincare regime is lacking a serum and an SPF so I was excited for get these (the perks of working for a beauty company ey?!).

Instant Comeback Facial Serum
The 'Instant Comeback' facial serum is to be used after cleansing and toning but before moisturising. The benefits of applying a serum before a moisturiser is so that your moisturiser can sink deeper into the skin for better, long term hydration. I apply one and a half pumps of this serum all over my face and then follow with my Oilatum Natural Face Repair cream. I love this serum because it sinks quickly into the skin without leaving a residue and it doesn't feel like you're applying layers and layers of products when your completing your daily regime. My skin has gone absolutely crazy lately in a bad way but I think that since I've been incorporating this product I have found that the tone and texture of my skin is A LOT smoother with a lot of the under skin pimples disappearing. This serum also is supposed to help with dark spots and blemishes which I have found it has definitely helped for me too. This serum comes in at £36, which sounds expensive but it really is not compared to other high end serums which retail at a scary £70 or more!

Dream Screen SPF
This cute little 45ml bottle of SPF is Benefit Cosmetics' take on a facial SPF. 'Dream Screen' has an SPF of 45 PA+++ which protects against UVA and UVB which contribute to aging and burning. Let me just tell you, this is so different to the typical sun cream which we all use in Summer which are usually thick, white, greasy and sticky. This product is oil free so doesn't have any greasiness and it dries completely matte. This means it's perfect for applying under make-up or just by itself, you won't be looking shiny at all with this one. You have to shake the product which then disperses the lightweight liquid through a little filtered cap; this way you don't apply too much. 'Dream Screen' is, £25. I really love this too as it's small enough for travelling and it dries completely invisible and matte.
Has anybody given either product a try yet?!


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