Sunday, 18 May 2014

All About Orange

all about orange all about orange
Following on from my last post, I've been loving Pink make-up as we transition into the warmer time of year but I also do love Orange hues too. I think pulling off an Orange look can be quite difficult and I do also think Orange looks best on sunkissed tanned skin, however, I try to embrace my paleness by picking Orange shades that compliment me the most. I picked a few of my favourite Orange make-up picks which I find are versatile and work great for me. 
all about orange all about orange
(Lipstick: Topshop, in, 'Infrared'/Nail Polish: Leighton Denny, in, 'I Love Juicy'*/Cuticle Gel: Nailtiques*)

I've already professed my love for the Topshop Lipstick in, 'Infrared' in my full review here. I do wear this all year round but it definitely gets a lot more wear from me during the Summer. It is a very bright Orange with a hint of Red so I do feel I have to bronze up my skin quite a lot with this lipstick in order for it to look the best it can! I love this lipstick with just a simple slick of liquid liner or with a simple Bronze eye like I have here. I have fallen in love with the eye-shadow 'Copper' from the Sleek Make-Up Original palette, I think it looks particularly good with this lipstick or with just a simple nude lip.

If I'm going for a matchy-matchy Orange look all round, I will pick a Orange toned nail colour also. I've recently tried out this Leighton Denny polish in, 'I Love Juicy'. I haven't tried a Leighton Denny polish before but I'm SO impressed with them. I find this goes on so smooth and opaque even from the first coat. I applied three coats just to make sure the colour was as vibrant as possible and this looked amazing without it being really thick for it to peel off easily. The picture is taken after three days of having the nail polish on and there is not a chip in sight. Very impressed with this nail polish overall! To make sure my nails are in tip-top condition I've been applying this Nailtiques Cuticle and Skin Gel around the skin around my nails as well as my cuticles. My skin can get quite dry so this is nice to apply to make sure my skin is soft.

Has anybody else got any Orange favourites?


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