Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Blusher

Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Blusher Review Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Blusher Review Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Blusher Review Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Blusher Review
I've never tried any of Benefit Cosmetics' boxed powders before so Rockateur Blusher is my first to test, use and try and also Benefit's new launch product. Working part-time at Benefit has it's perks, so I have got to try this product before it's official launch and I LOVE it! Benefit describes this blush as, 'a rockin' rose gold cheek powder' and it is exactly that. The blusher gives a pinky-peach swish of colour to the cheek but also due to the subtle gold shimmers running through it, this product also highlights the cheek area to give the illusion of highlighted cheekbones without being overly sparkly. I apply this slightly higher up the cheek than I usually do with blushers so that I can get that highlighted, swoosh of pink to my cheeks and face. A great multi-purpose blusher!
Like all Benefit's boxed powders, this comes with a brush. I don't use it because I prefer a more rounded brush, however, the brush is actually super soft and is good if you just want to use the blusher as a highlight along the high points of the face and you can get more accuracy using it. 
The colour is so flattering, I have seen it look great on all different skin tones and either way I think it looks so stunning.
Again, like all Benefit's range, the packaging also adds to the uniqueness of the products. I think the embossing is so cute and another bonus is that the blusher actually SMELLS so yummy! A little goes along way so I don't think this blusher is priced too badly at, £23.50 as it will last a hell of a long time. Definitely try this product, you won't regret it.


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