Monday, 12 August 2013

Malta 2013 OOTD One - 'Fly Away'

IMG_1707 IMG_1709 IMG_1714 IMG_1722(Dress: Primark/Sandals: Primark/Ring: Primark/Sunglasses: Ebay)

I'm finally back from my holiday! I had such an amazing two holidays in Corfu and Malta over July and August - the time flew by, as it always does when you're enjoying yourself. Over the next few blog posts I have quite a few outfit posts in which I took in Malta (thanks for being my photographer, mum!). Malta is such a beautiful place to visit, I hadn't heard much about it before I went, so I was pleasantly surprised by the country and had such a lovely time that I did not want to come back at all!

Here is the first of my outfit posts from one of my first few nights. I have had this dress from Primark for a while but I don't tend to wear it as often as I would like and should so decided to take it with me. It's such a perfect dress for hot weather as it's flowy and doesn't cling to you uncomfortably. I also love the combination of the butterfly and floral print as well as the colours making it appropriate for both summer and winter. On holiday I don't tend to accessorise all that much as I like to keep my outfits quite simple and make the clothes the centre of attention although I've been loving these sunglasses so much. They practically go with every outfit and I've worn them to death! 

Unintentionally, my whole outfit is practically from Primark. The sandals are also from Primark and I adore these as they make my simple summer outfits more dressy. I'll be so upset if these ever fall apart.


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