Sunday, 19 May 2013

Topshop, 'Infrared' Lipstick

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(Topshop, 'Infrared' Lipstick: £8-ish)

I've been lusting over an Orange lipstick for ages now but was not too sure whether they would suit me so opted for one that would be good quality but not too expensive, hence this Topshop purchase. I've heard so much about MAC's, 'Morange' lipstick but that is double the price and for something that I wasn't entirely sure about, I thought this lipstick would be a better alternative as it's pretty much an exact dupe for it. This is also my first Topshop lipstick and I've really been wanting to try one out as they seem to have good reviews. This lipstick is not on the Topshop website, although I always see it in store so they must be still stocking it.
'Infrared' is a bright orange with slight red tones to it. It seems like quite a scary colour to wear but actually I think it's really wearable even for day time. Probably even easier than a Red in my opinion. I thought this colour would be a perfect essential for my summer make-up kit as you can just throw this on and it gives your face that, bright, summery look. I love bright lipsticks any time of the day or season, so this lipstick will get so much love from me.
It is a velvety, moisturising finish which I definitely agree on. I wore this all day and it did not dry my lips out at all or make them really flaky. The lasting power is good, but not fantastic. I think the MAC lipsticks are better in that respect, although I do think the staying power is good for a moderately priced lippy. The texture of the lipstick is super creamy, it glides on effortlessly and I applied straight from the bullet with no struggle.
Overall I am really loving this lipstick at the moment. I think this lipstick would look great on tanned or darker toned skins, but it can pretty much suit anyone to be honest. This has made me want to buy even more Topshop lipsticks now, 'Ohh La La' is the next on my make-up shopping list agenda. 


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