Monday, 27 May 2013

Ring Collection

I love wearing an array of different rings on a day to day basis with my outfits. To me, it completes the overall outfit as a nice finishing touch. For someone that has very small fingers I find it extremely difficult to find rings that actually fit me in high-street stores. Even the small sizes fall off my fingers, which can be really annoying. Usually I'll buy XS or adjustable sized rings and these suit me just fine. I'm not really one to wear real gold or silver jewellery as I like to co-ordinate my rings with my outfits from day to day. Through the years I've learnt which shops tend to cater to skinny fingered people like me and have a nice growing collection of rings which I love. 
primarkringsetsThese rings are my newest additions to my ring collection. Is it me or has Primark really upped their game when it comes to rings and accessories in general? These rings came in sets of four as shown above for about £2.50 which is such a bargain! These rings are adjustable so I've squeezed them to fit my fingers nice and snuggly. The colourful set on the right are my new favourites, they look expensive and are perfect for summer. I just LOVE the clashing colours of these. As soon as I saw these they where thrown in my basket. 
ringcollectionimage2I love this turquoise stone ring from Primark, I've been on the hunt for Turquoise stone rings for years now but again, could not find any that fit me. Thank god for Primark and their cheap alternatives! Another of my favourites which I wear so much is the Regal Rose Burgundy ring which I also wanted for ages but finally picked up at the Clothes Show Live this year for half the price. This ring got a lot of wear from me during the winter as I tend to wear a lot of Burgundy during those months. 
This is my second scrabble ring as I wore the other to death for years and it actually broke. I'm not sure where it's from but so many shops sell these now so similar ones should be easy to find. Mine has a little diamond on the corner which I love as I've not seen any others quite like this.
You can probably tell that most of the rings I pick up are from H&M (as they do XS), Miss Selfridge and Primark. It shows that you don't have to pay a lot for lovely rings. Most of these have lasted me years without horrible tarnishing or scratches. Stacking rings also look great teamed with big stone rings as shown above. 
I love having a different variety of rings to choose from so that I can layer and mix and match them every day as I don't really wear any other jewellery like necklaces/bracelets as much!



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