Friday, 17 May 2013

Stone Florals

Floral Dress OOTD 7 Floral Dress OOTD 5 Floral Dress OOTD 4 Floral Dress OOTD 3 Floral Dress OOTD 1
(Dress: Prodigy Red*/ Loafers: Topshop/ Necklace: Topshop/ Jumper: Primark)

I'd just like to start by stating the obvious in that I haven't blogged for nearly a month! I've desperately wanted to, but I've had exams the last few weeks and any free time I've had has been spent on revision. Now with them done, I can focus more on what I want to be doing, and that's blogging! I've had so many ideas for posts and I'm so glad I can finally get to it!
I was kindly sent this dress from fashion company, Prodigy Red. I'd never heard of the fashion line before and this dress really stood out to me as it's definitely got my style printed all over it. I was dubious as to whether this dress would even fit me, and I'm so glad that it actually fits me so well! I had to use my own belt though as the one that came with the dress was too big for me, however, they are pretty much the same anyway! I love the black floral prints which are actually have a velvety texture to them which I really like as it contrasts with the chiffon material that the rest of the dress has. As per usual, I paired this dress with a pair of loafers, this pair is from Topshop about a year ago now. I've recently tried to start wearing these more as I feel that they don't get as much love from me like some of my other brogues/loafers do and I do really like them. I was also really pleasantly surprised with how good the quality of the material of the dress is for such a cheap price at only, £15.99! If you haven't had a look at the Prodigy Red website, be sure to take a little snoop.


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