Thursday, 18 April 2013


asospencilskirtootd Closeup Rings Rings and Denim Jacket
(Denim Jacket: Primark/ Pencil Skirt: Asos/ T-Shirt: Primark/ Burgundy Satchel: Primark/ Rings: Primark & Miss Selfridge)

I've been meaning to get this post up for a week now, but life has pretty much taken over. I started a part-time internship on my days off from University and any time I do have off now is dedicated to revision as I have three exams coming up. Yay, not. 
I wanted to include this Asos pencil skirt in an outfit post as I bought it around January but haven't worn it until now as it was quite big around my waist so had to get it altered. Is it just me that finds Asos sizing really weird?! Plus the skirt is sooo long, if I didn't roll it up at the waistband I'm pretty sure I could wear this as a bandeau dress and I'm not even that short! 
Anyway! I paired this skirt with my burgundy satchel to match. I've realised that a lot of this outfit is from Primark (unintentionally). I really like wearing a graphic t-shirt with such a plain outfit as it brings the other pieces out more and I always love a good layered look. It was actually such a nice day when I wore this outfit so I didn't feel cold at all just wearing this t-shirt underneath my denim jacket which makes a change.


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