Saturday, 6 April 2013

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

Thought I'd do a review on my everyday foundation at the moment. I've been using this since September and a little goes a long way! The reason why I picked this particular foundation is for a couple of reasons. The foundation comes in a tube which you can squeeze out of the nozzle, which keeps it really clean and hygienic unlike some foundations which don't even have the pump! Also this means I can directly squeeze as much foundation as I want on to my face without having to put it on my hand and waste product. The fact that Illamasqua has such a huuuuge colour range makes it good for people with pale skin like me. They even have a completely white shade as well which you could get if you wanted to mix two together. This range also has foundations suited for both pink and yellow undertones so there is bound to be the perfect colour for you. I use shade, 6.5 Olive Yellow Undertone, which is slightly dark for me but it gives my face a nice warmth which can easily be blended in.

Illamasqua claims this foundation is suitable for all skin types. I have dry skin and have heard this foundation is perfect for people with dry skin. I really like the finish on me, as it doesn't cling to the dry parts. (Although, I did use a primer underneath the other day and some dry patches were more noticeable). It gives a nice, natural glow to the skin without being excessively dewy or tacky. One of my pet hates with foundation is when I can touch my face and feel the stickiness on my fingers.The foundation is definitely buildable. I apply one quick layer for everyday use, and on nights out I can build it to be full coverage which I like. The only thing I don't like about the foundation is that I can't see how much I've used from the bottle as it doesn't really show much!

Overall, I would definitely recommend it for people who like me who have dry and/or pale skin. It's £27.00 but would last you an eternity. 



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