Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Favourite Pink Lipsticks

Lipsticks from L-R: 
MAC Lustre Finish Lipstick in, 'Plink!'
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in, 'Pink Blush'
MAC Amplified Finish Lipstick in, 'Chatterbox'
Revlon Color-burst Lip Butter in, 'Strawberry Shortcake'

On a daily basis, I tend to wear Pink toned lipsticks as they are easy to wear all day without the high maintenance re-applying and Beige-nude tones really do not suit me at all as they wash me out and make me look dead! These four lipsticks are the ones in my make-up collection that I always tend to pick out from day to day when I want subtle pink hues to compliment the rest of my make-up.

MAC, 'Plink!' Lipstick: I've already got a review on this lipstick so if you want a more details on it then feel free to click, here! This is probably the most sheer out of all my favourites but is still one of those lipsticks which is noticeable on the lips, due to the gold shimmer it has running through it reflecting the light. It has a more Peachy-Pink colour to it, than the rest of the colours and it's easy to wear during the day because of it's sheerness and overall, 'Lustre' finish. This makes it quite moisturising too. I like this lipstick because it's not one that everyone has and most other make-up brands don't have any colours identically similar to it making it quite a unique buy. 

MAC, 'Chatterbox' Lipstick: This was my first ever MAC lipstick. I didn't know which colour I wanted, so just picked out this as I thought, 'It's a pink, so I'm bound to wear it'. It's the brightest out of my four and it is definitely the most creamiest, pigmented lipstick. I absolutely LOVE the finish of this because of it's creamy texture and the fact that it glides on my lips so effortlessly which makes it so easy to apply without the need for a lip-liner. You can either apply this lightly to give a bright-pinky stain or more like I have done in the swatch. This makes it perfect for night time as well, as it can give you a pretty bright lip. 

Revlon, 'Strawberry Shortcake' Lip Butter: I heard good things about these lip-butters so was intrigued to see if they lived up to all the fuss. Obviously, I picked one up in a pink colour! This particular one applies quite sheer but still can be seen on the lips. As this product is a hybrid between a lipstick and lip-balm, it's definitely on the more moisturising side and because of this, it doesn't leave my lips dry or flaky. The only down side to this would be that you have to keep applying during the day more than you would with a lipstick, however, it's not really a chore as all you need are a few quick swipes of this across the lips and you're good to go!

Rimmel, 'Pink Blush' Lipstick: This beauty is my most used lipstick ever. As you can see I have only a tiny bit left to go. It's a more Bubble-gum pinky tone from the others, however, there are still undertones of Red in it which keep it from looking like something Nicki Minaj would wear. It's in between a matte and shiny finish so is perfect for all day and makes it comfortable to wear. For such a cheap lipstick as well at £4.99, it's pigmented and has lasting power (hence the name). I always find myself reaching for this as it suits my complexion the best day to day and is easy to apply in a rush!


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