Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Purple Tulip

(Dress: Red Label*/Belt: New Look/Blazer: H&M/Loafers: Topshop)

I was kindly sent this beautiful Purple wrap-style dress a couple of weeks ago from, 'Red Label'. I hadn't heard of them before but I really like some of the clothes on their website, especially this dress! I've been browsing wrap dresses a lot lately as they are really flattering for most figure types. They're often pretty simple in design, but can go with a lot. This dress is super comfy and the material is slightly stretchy so fits to your figure and so doesn't just hang loosely and swamp me. I wore a thin black waist belt to cinch me in at the waist and to break up the colour. I really like the fact this dress can be wore casually in the day, at work and then out in the evening because when you have a piece of clothing, you want to get as much use out of it as possible otherwise it's a waste. 
I teamed my dress with my H&M tweed blazer and tan trusty loafers from Topshop as I wanted the look to be smart-casual. The colour of the dress is like in the last picture I have up here, due to the annoying lighting, the colour kept changing on every picture I took, grr.
You can visit, Red Label's website here, and they also have different colours of this dress too at the reasonable price of just, £16.99!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Caudalie: The Des Vignes Gift Set

I bought this Caudalie, 'The Des Vignes' gift set just before Christmas after I sprayed the perfume on at a beauty salon. I kept falling in love with the scent over and over again as I got whiffs of it through my nose throughout the day. I knew I had to go and buy it the next day as it's a limited edition scent and I knew I'd regret it as I rarely buy/love perfumes. The shower gel came with the perfume for free so that was an extra bonus!
Caudalie describes this smell as a, 'mild, evening fragrance combining the sensual notes of White Musk, the ginger imbued caress of neroli and an infusion of orange blossom and jasmine'. I absolutely love the the fragrance as it is is a, fresh, natural and light smell. I love any perfumes which have, White Musk, in them anyway so this was perfect for me. I'm not a fan of sweet smelling perfumes at all! I much prefer floral scents. If you are, this may not be the scent for you. 
This scent also reminds me of another of my all-time favourite fragrances, Rock 'n' Rose by Valentino as they are both floral scents which have notes of, Orange Blossom.
Even though Caudalie says this is an evening fragrance, I think it is light enough to wear in the day also. The fact that it lasted all day on me when I first tried it was a huge selling point for me. Nobody wants a perfume that fades away in a matter of hours.
This set cost me £18 as I had a gift card. You can buy the set here, for £23.40. Not bad at all! 

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Pinafore Dress

(Pinafore Dress: Miss Selfridge/Blouse: H&M/Headband: Primark)

I've been lusting over a pinafore style dress for ages now and saw this dress on, Miss Selfridge just before Christmas. However, it was £39 pounds so that kinda put me off, especially so near to the festive period. I made it my mission to find one similar in the sales. Luckily, I found the exact same one that I wanted hidden within the mounds of clothes on the Miss Selfridge sale rails and it was in my size and the only one left! I don't think I've ever been so happy, as I never really enjoy sales shopping at all. To top it all off, it went down from £39 to £20 and as I have student discount, I got this beauty for a bargainous £18.
I love pinafore dresses because of the fact you can layer different tops/jumpers underneath, like I have done with my H&M blouse and it's beautiful embellished collar. Plus, the pinafore style is quite versatile - you can wear this look to work, out and about or out partying depending on what you wear with it underneath. 
To keep with the Silver/Grey cool tones, I thought jewellery would be too much with the collar so I wore this spiked Primark headband which was also super cheap at £1 (or £1.50) I can't remember exactly. It adds a different texture and, 'edge' to this typically girly outfit. I wore this to a birthday party so also wore heeled brogues. 
Is anyone else loving the pinafore look?

Also, I'd just like to say I'm really grateful to all those new people that have followed my blog recently, I'm really happy that people want to actually read what I have to write! I've gained quite a lot of followers in the last few weeks so thanks! :-)

Friday, 18 January 2013

MAC, 'Ruby-Woo' Lipstick

This lipstick has to be one of my most loved lipsticks ever, hence the reason it looks a little worse-for-wear in these pictures. I think this lipstick is THE perfect Red lipstick. It has a matte formula and is a highly pigmented Blue-toned Red which gives it that, 'retro' look. If you have pale skin like me, 'Ruby-Woo' is perfect as it really suits pale complexions rather than some of the other famous MAC lipsticks such as, Russian Red and Lady Danger, which do also seem lovely. I just prefer this lipstick as it strikes me as a true Red toned lipstick. 
I love the fact that it's matte as I'm not a fan of shiny Red lipsticks and just prefer matte lipsticks in general even though they can be pretty drying. If I plan to wear this all day and/or all night then I would definitely prep my lips beforehand with my, Lush 'Sweet Lips' Lip-Scrub and then apply a really nourishing lip balm on my lips and leave it on whilst I'm doing the rest of my make-up. The good thing about this lipstick is that it just won't budge. Drinking and eating aren't an issue, it will last until you take it off with make-up remover. Even then, it doesn't leave a horrible Red stain on the lips either.
I teamed this lipstick with, MAC's, 'Cherry' Lip-liner which is a perfect match. I'd definitely recommend a lip-liner because this lipstick is matte so it's hard to draw a smooth line across the lips with the bullet as it doesn't glide as easy as other lipsticks. It also holds the product in place for a lot longer. 
If you're looking for a Red lipstick, I'd advise this lipstick over anything. I bought it, and never looked back. ;)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Black & Gold

(Bralet: Topshop/Skirt: Primark/Blazer: River Island/Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Office)

Finally! I have managed to create an outfit post. I have seeeeriously been slacking on these since I came back from holiday in August! I just found it difficult to get decent pictures with my old camera and the focus wasn't great. But for Christmas I got the, Canon 600d which I'm loving at the moment. I'm no expert, so these pictures aren't perfect but hopefully, practice will make perfect once I spend enough time fiddling about with it. 
I wore this last night to my friend's birthday and this is the first time I've ever worn a pencil-slash-midi skirt of this kind. I had been trying to find this skirt from Primark for absolutely bloody ages and eventually I did. Soooo in love with it and at only £10 you can't really go wrong. I paired the skirt with this Topshop bralet which I picked up in the sale. I thought this would go perfectly with the skirt as the gold studs really compliment the gold thread running through the skirt.
I also wore my beloved Jeffrey Campbell Foxy's in Burgundy. Although these shoes really don't look comfortable in the slightest they really are the most comfy heels I own (along with the Foxy Spike which I also own). 
To keep with the Red, Gold and Black theme, I used a combination of Gold and Black eye-makeup and on my lips I wore a combination of MAC's lipliner in, 'Cherry' and one of my favourite MAC lipstick's ever - 'Ruby Woo'. If you are pale like me, this is definitely the lipstick you should get as it really compliments the skin tone. Plus, it lasts on the lips all night so it's perfect for clubbing/evening out occasions.

As I'm getting the hang of my camera now I will be trying to do a lot more outfit posts as they are my favourite type of post. It's the new year too so I'm definitely going to make that one of my resolutions! 

P.S: I took these pictures at night with flash - If anybody knows know how to make sure the background is always White (like the picture of me in the Blazer) can you please leave me a comment! I'm such a camera novice at the moment.


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