Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Beauty Wish-List

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss, in, 107: As you all probably know from my favourite Autumn lipsticks blog post here, I love love love Berry/dark lip colours all year round. This is another one which I've been eye-ing up lately. I also love matte lipsticks over anything so you can imagine how much I am loving the sound of this one. The first collection of Kate Moss lipsticks got rave reviews and so have this newer collection so I'm dying to test them out. I swatched this a couple of days ago and was really impressed. It is matte, yet glides smoothly and evenly so dry lips with this product aren't likely. It's also really pigmented so worth the money. It's really cheap as well! £5-ish from the high-street. The perfect festive lipstick!

Benefit, 'They're Real' Mascara: Weirdly, all the mascaras I've been using at the moment have run out, all at the same time which is really annoying. Some have lasted ages and ages whereas others have run out in a month! So I'm on the hunt for new mascaras as I always love to try new products instead of sticking to the same ones. This mascara is apparently the UK's number one selling mascara - based on that I automatically feel the need to have it!

Real Techniques Starter Set: I've wanted this set for absolutely ages now and haven't got around to getting it so that's why it's on my Christmas list. I really just want this for the brush Pixiwoo always use for applying their concealer - it looks amazing and I haven't got a decent sized brush for concealer at the moment so I want it so much! Although, I know all these brushes will come in handy as you can never have enough eye-shadow/liner brushes.

Topshop Nail Polish, in, 'Brazil': This nail polish reminds me exactly of, Model's Own - Ibiza Mix. It's very similar. I haven't been able to find the Model's Own one for ages so this looks like a good dupe. They are both roughly around £5-£6 as well. At the moment, Topshop have so many amazing and unique glitter polishes so it's worth having a browse if you love a good ol' glitter manicure especially around this time of year. I reckon this nail polish would look the best on top of Black nail varnish. 

MAC Lip-Liner's, in, 'Stone' and 'Cherry': Lip-liner's aren't something I tend to buy often but a lot of the time they are really needed, especially to create that perfect pout. I already have a Red lip-liner but it smudges before my lipstick comes off so ends up making my lips look weird! I've also seen, 'Stone' being used a lot in make-up tutorials and I really love the effect it gives. It's perfect for just enhancing the natural lip shape and makes them appear slightly fuller. This would also be great for using with any Nude lipstick.

These are the main beauty bits that are on my Christmas list this year! I'll be doing a Fashion one soon. What's on your beauty wishlists this year?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

LUSH, 'Sweet Lips' Lip Scrub

So as it's getting closer and closer to the coldest months of the year I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a lip scrub as I have on and off dry lips all year round. Especially now that Winter is just around the corner, I've noticed that my lips are suffering majorly from the crisp cold weather. After some research, I looked in to this LUSH lip scrub. 
They have quite a few different flavours/scents of the lip scrub - 'Sweet lips' is the one which  I've got and it smells and tastes Chocolate-y. They also have, 'Bubblegum' flavour (which the sales assistant told me is the best-seller), 'Mint Julips' which is a Mint-Choc Chip one with Peppermint, Vanilla and Tagetes Oil, so it does have a sweetness to it as well, if you're not the biggest fan of Minty products. Their newest offering of the lip scrubs is a limited edition, Popcorn flavour one! Unfortunately, the one I bought, is now discontinued :( If I had to recommend any other flavour I'd probably go for Bubblegum.
It's so easy, quick and effortless to use. You just need the tiniest bit of the product and scrub it all over your lips in a gentle circular motion. Once you're done, you do, 'exactly what it says on the tin' - lick it off, as all the lip scrubs are one-hundred percent edible! I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the taste and it tends to leave a bit of an after taste, but I'm sure everyone else would probably love it. After you've done your scrubbing, apply a lip balm to seal in all the moisture. DON'T use a lip-gloss/lip-balm/lip-plumper which usually leaves your lips feeling tingly straight after, because your lips are even more sensitive after the scrubbing so the stinging sensations may feel uncomfortable.
This product definitely works. It leaves my lips feeling smooth, soft and glossy once I've used it. The sugar helps to exfoliate the dead skin away. The scrubs also include, Jojoba Oil which helps to keep lips smooth and moisturised. Exactly what I needed. I'd definitely recommend this if you love wearing matte lipsticks but hate the way they emphasize the dryness of your lips when wearing them! I'd apply this scrub about half an hour before I apply my lipstick. 

A perfect, long-lasting product for £5.25 as you only need the teeniest-tiniest amount every time you use it. 



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