Monday, 15 October 2012

ELF, 'Red Carpet' Lip-Stain & New Fashion Buys

As you probably saw in one of my last posts I was raving on about how much I wanted this, ELF Lip Stain in the colour, 'Red Carpet'. I finally got round to purchasing it and I've got to say, the delivery was super quick so I was really happy with that! I hate waiting around for a week for things to arrive but this came in around 3-4 days after I bought it on ELF's UK Online website. 
Overall, I am loving this product, especially for the price as well (£3.75). This applicator makes me really easy to apply the colour straight on to the lips and allows to be precise to a certain degree. I don't even think you need to apply a lip-liner first as you can be pretty neat with this depending on how steady your hand is!
The colour is a perfect, 'Red Carpet' look Red-shade. It dries a lovely matte effect. I love matte lips, especially Red. The colour does remind me of my favourite Red lipstick ever, 'Ruby-Woo' by MAC but this is a lot less drying on the lips than the MAC one. I feel this ELF Lip Stain may even look amazing on top of, 'Ruby-Woo' to make the colour even more strong and long-lasting. If you're not a fan of matte lips then you can apply the clear gloss provided on the other end of the tube.
I don't think you can really go wrong with this product. It's definitely worth it, considering how cheap it is as well!

Also as well as buying this, I thought I'd show you a few fashion bits I have got recently. 

These amazing high-waisted vintage Levi shorts from Love Clothing and some Doc-Marten-esque Burgundy Velvet boots from... H&M! Couldn't believe it when I saw them in there. Loved them so much, they were an instant purchase.
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