Sunday, 9 September 2012

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette

I'm sure there has been tonnes and tonnes of reviews on this palette on YouTube and in the blogging world since it first came out but I thought I'd give my review and thoughts on it for anyone who cares enough to read!
I first got this palette last month on the plane back from Cyprus haha. Usually it costs around, £36 from stores like House of Fraser and Debenhams but I got mine for £30. Not much of a difference but I'd wanted this for ages and knew that finding it for a cheaper price than this would be most likely impossible. I really wanted the original Naked Palette but after inspecting both out, they are quite similar to be honest so I'm quite happy with this one.
The colours are (from left to right), 'Foxy' , 'Half Baked' , 'Bootycall' , 'Chopper' , 'Tease' , 'Snakebite' , 'Suspect' , 'Pistol' , 'Verve' , 'YDK' , 'Busted' and 'Blackout'. My image doesn't show all of the eye-shadows because I wanted to get a real close-up of how they look in the palette and how amazing the colours are!

Aspects I love about the palette:
The fact that all the colours are neutrals means that if you are an eye-shadow wearer/lover you most definitely will get so much wear and use out of it during both the day and night because the colours are perfect for both occasions. Not only that, other high-end cosmetic brands eye-shadows cost round about between £12-£20 EACH, so to get all these colours for Thirty-something pounds is so so good. The colours are also highly pigmented so you don't need tonnes of it applied at the end of the brush. It's definitely a palette which would last ages!

There is also such a good balance between matte and shimmery shades in the palette. Arguably, I'd say there are about Seven shimmery/glitter shades and Four matte shades (although some of the more matte shades do have a slightttt shimmer in them such as, 'Bootycall' and 'Busted', but they're not as intense as some of the other glittery eye-shadows like, 'YDK' , 'Chopper' and 'Half Baked'. 

With the palette you get a double ended eye-shadow brush and a mini Urban Decay, 'Lip Junkie' lipgloss. 
The brush is surprisingly super-soft and something that I'd actually use (in the past, the brushes in palettes I've got tend to be crap). The fluffy end I'd use to apply a base colour and the more tapered brush I'd use in the crease for definition. 
The lipgloss I'm not a fan of, purely because I'm not a lipgloss fan. However, this feels sooo good on and isn't sticky in the slightest. It also smells amazing - the only way I can describe it, is that it smells like Mint After Eight Chocolates haha. 

Aspects I don't particularly like about the palette:
When using the super shimmery colours, (especially, 'YDK') you find that when you apply it, it falls out all over your face. I've tried different brushes and techniques and still there is a lot of fall out. So when using these shades, I'd recommend priming your eyes first, doing your eye-shadow and then applying your foundation. One of the big mistakes I made when first using it!

Other than that I haven't really got any other negatives as the palette is just worth every penny. 

Favourite shades:
'Bootycall' - PERFECT tear-duct highlighter.
'Tease' - Great base colour.
'Chopper' - A mix between a Gold/Bronze shimmery shade. 
'Snakebite' - Less shimmery than, 'Chopper'. A sexy deeper Brown shade with shimmery flecks.

Least favourite shades:

'Pistol' and 'Verve' - Not a fan of Silvery tones on my Brown eyes... I think the warm golden/Bronze tones work better. Nevertheless, I'd still wear them layered with some of the other colours. 

Anyway, that's my opinion on the popular Naked2 palette. If you have this palette, let me know what you think/what you're favourite and least favourite shades are!



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