Friday, 5 October 2012

My Make-Up Collection/Storage

The other week I decided that my make-up and pretty much everything beauty related that I had needed to be sorted out properly. All my make-up was stored neatly in make-up bags/boxes in my drawers but I didn't like that. Purely because I couldn't see everything visually and therefore would tend to forget about certain products that I had. So a lot of the things I have bought would become neglected and that's not exactly good when you're spending money on products which are there to be used. 
With this, I went to IKEA in hope to find some sort of plastic compartment trays or some other kind of storage to fit in to my drawers so that I could organise everything neatly. I actually did see a lot of nice storage ideas in there and most of them where really cheap. I ended up picking two different types of storage to use for my things. The first is the transparent, 'Antonius Basket Insert' which you can look at/buy, here. They're only £1.70 each! I got three of these for my three drawers which fitted perfectly in to them. I also bought a set of six different sized boxes in the colour White from the, 'Skubb' range for £6 in total. (Look at them, here). Don't worry about them being fiddly to assemble, it takes two seconds literally. All you do is, zip up the zip at the bottom of the box and they will flip in to shape. 

In my first drawer, (Images 1 and 2) I have my foundations, tinted moisturisers, primers and blushers in one compartment. Lip-glosses in the one next to that. I tried to get a picture of the back of the drawer but it was way too dark. At the back we have mascaras, and eye-liners/pencils. In the White boxes, I have my everyday essentials in the front and in the second behind that, I have small brushes (Real Techniques, MAC, Benefit) and tools (such as, tweezers). Naked2 Palette also fits neatly in to the gap there.

On to the second drawer, (Images 3 and 4) I have all my nail polishes. I don't know if you can tell but they are all colour coordinated. Yes, I definitely am a neat-freak and may have slightly OCD tendencies. I love organisation. In the White box to the left of the nail polishes, is a bit of a miscellaneous collection of things. I keep my nail files in there, along with body sprays, some creams and brushes from a make-up brush set I recently got. 

Finally, in my last drawer, (Images 5 and 6) I have eye-shadows and eye-crayons in the middle left compartment. In the drawer behind that, I have mostly Barry M Dazzle Dust's along with some MAC ones which also fitted snuggly in there. At the back, are also my trusty few highlighters. In the middle right compartment, here is where I keep my glitter/eye liquid liners - which I rarely ever use to be honest. In the front I keep my lip-liners along with my lip balms and bronzers.
Lastly, in the Skubb White box I have my bigger brushes and some sets of eyelashes for good measure!

I am so glad it's all organised. Can't wait to start using those products I've forgotten about. Also, if anyone reads this and has a similar post, link me to it below, I love reading/watching Make-Up Collection/Storage videos on blogs/YouTube!


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