Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mid-September Beauty Wishlist

Hey everyone. Thought I'd do a quick post because I've been lusting over so many beauty buys lately I've lost count. BUT, I've put myself on a spending ban so these are a few items I will be purchasing eventually.

(From left to right)
Elf Studio Lip Stain, in, 'Red Carpet': Now I'm not a fan of lip stains in general because I feel they don't give full coverage and very rarely are they brightly coloured whilst on the lips. Most I've seen slightly accentuate the lip colour to give a natural look, which is good if that's the effect you want. I've heard about this product and ELF for quite a while now but recently fell in love with this shade because of how amazing and bright the Red is. Not only this, the colour when applied dries matte which I love as I'm not a fan of lip-glosses at all. So I doubt I'd be using the gloss end very much. Unfortunately, ELF don't have a store in the UK :(. So if you like the look of this, like I do, you'd have to purchase it online. The price of this lip stain is only £3.75, BARGAIN!!

Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion: I've also recently been looking for a product that is perfect for cleansing and/or removing all my make-up because using wipes doesn't do the job well enough. I also have sensitive-to-dry skin so I use Simple products all the time anyway. So when I watched Tanya Burr's latest video I was so happy she mentioned exactly what I've been looking for. You can watch the video, here. I also didn't want to pay a lot for something I'd use everyday and would be having to re-purchase all the time so this is great as it's only, £2.99!

Real Techniques Starter Set: I have the Core Collection set and use it practically everyday, especially the Buffing Brush for foundation and the Contour Brush for... Contouring lol. I love this set because it's more for use of make-up on the eyes. It's only £21.99 from Boots which may sound a lot but for five brushes it's so so good (roughly £4 a brush). Plus, you can't really go wrong with these brushes, they clean well and are super soft.

MAC Lipstick in, 'Please Me': Another nude/pink lipstick? Yes. I feel that I'm starting to go a little crazy with these pinky-nudes lately. I swatched this when I went to a MAC store about a month ago and loved it. Mainly because of it's matte finish. If you can't already tell, I love matte lipsticks/lip stains, anything! MAC describe the shade as a, 'muted-rosy-tinted-pink'. I'm also really loving, 'Angel' as well lately. Price is, £14.

MAC 239 Brush: This is the perfect brush for applying eye-shadow underneath the eye because you can create a nice line with it. I also think this brush would be good for packing on eye-shadow's that are glittery - or pigments that are likely to have fall down if you use a more fluffy brush. This brush is, £19 (basically the price of all of the Real Techniques Starter Set!).

Have any of you got any of the items I've talked out?


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