Sunday, 2 September 2012

MAC, 'Brave' Lipstick

I'm in love with this lipstick! Heard about it for a while and finally picked it up at the Duty Free in Cyprus for 12 euros. It's another nude shade with more of a pink tone rather than a peachy shade. On Mac Cosmetic's website they describe it as a, 'pink beige with white pearl' colour. To me, that kind of gives the impression that it has shimmery tones to it but it really doesn't. The lipstick is a satin finish but it's definitely heading towards more of a matte shade compared to that of another nude shade I reviewed called, 'Plink!' here. 'Plink!' as you can see from the swatch is a LOT more shimmery, hence the reason I also bought this shade as it's nice for when I don't want an as sheer finish. I have to say, in the images I have taken the lipstick seems like it would be a lot darker on the lips than it really is. The swatch, however, is quite an accurate representation of what it actually looks on. For me, it's just a few shades darker than my actual lips which I love. With this, I wear, 'Boldly Bare' lip-liner (sold out at the moment and I think it's limited edition?) also from MAC and it goes perfectly. As I have a tan at the moment I think it suits me better than if I was my normal pale self! So I'd definitely recommend this if you're olive skinned - I'm just hoping it will suit me when I turn back to my snowman colouring :-(. 
I can definitely feel this becoming one of my favourite pink/brown nudes. The only thing I would say is that because it does have more of a matte texture, it can feel like your lips become dry when wearing it for hours and hours so just make sure you have a lip balm handy also. Other than that, I wear this constantly and would definitely re-purchase.


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