Tuesday, 3 July 2012

MAC, 'Plink!' Lipstick

Recently, I have been wanting a new nude lipstick to add to my collection which I can wear everyday. Usually, on a day to day basis I tend to wear my Rimmel, 'Pink Blush' lipstick or MAC's, 'Chatterbox' lipstick when I want a more intense colour. I feel that a lot of Nude colour lipsticks out there do not suit my complexion and often wash me out, so when I went to the MAC concession in Selfridges up London, I asked one of the make-up artists there to help me find a colour that suits me. I picked out a few that I liked, including, 'Hue', 'Creme d'Nude' and 'Plink!'. I tried them all on, and found that I much preferred, 'Plink!' to any of the other shades. This is probably because this lipstick has more of a pink tone to it and therefore doesn't wash me out so that I look almost ill! 
'Plink!' is one of MAC's 'Lustre' finish lipsticks. The lustres' have more of a sheer finish, meaning that the colour of the lipstick once applied isn't too strong or bright - which is perfect for every day wear, just what I wanted.
As you can probably tell from the swatch, it's also quite shimmery so looks gorgeous on the lips, especially when it reflects the light. It almost has a sort-of Gold shimmer which I really love as it compliments the pink so so well. As with all MAC lipsticks that I have (apart from the matte finishes) I find they smell lovely and most importantly, are so well hydrating compared to some other lipsticks I have used in the past. My lips tend to get dry very easily and quickly so I love using these to keep any moisture locked in.
I'd definitely recommend, 'Plink!' to anyone who is looking for a subtle yet easy to wear Nude lipstick that will suit any skin tone.


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