Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nails Of The Day: Model's Own - Indian Ocean

('Model's Own' Nail Polish in, Indian Ocean: £5)

First of all, sorry for the not-so-brilliant image and not-so great nails, I really was rushed for time!
Anyway, I really love love love this nail polish. This particular colour is part of the Model's Own BeetleJuice Collection which you can look at: here. As it says on the website, the polishes of this collection are, 'inspired by the beautiful wings of a beetle' meaning that the shades of all the polishes are multi-tonal and in different lights the shimmering shades differ.
I picked up, 'Indian Ocean' because I fell in love with the colour - it's so unique from any other polish I have seen. Indian Ocean is an iridescent, pearlescent blue with pink undertones, although in some light I also noticed green and silver shimmers. It really is one of those nail colours that will get you a lot of attention when wearing it. So many people complimented the colour when I wore it. 
With this nail polish, to get an opaque finish, you need three coats. Personally, when applying nail varnish I only like to apply two at most because anything more appears gloopy and I therefore can tend to pick it off easier, however, with this, it applied so so smoothly and thinly it didn't feel gunky at all. It was also very chip-resistant so it is definitely worth the five pounds I paid for it. For an even more opaque finish you could apply a thin, white/shimmery pink base coat for a different final finish. The nail polish is actually quite big as well compared to the other nail polishes in my collection from other brands so you are definitely getting your money's worth. This is the first Model's Own nail polish I have bought and I am super happy with the way it applies and it's longevity. 

Have any of you tried any of the Model's Own nail polishes?


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