Saturday, 19 May 2012

Spring-Time Nails

(Base Colour: Raspberry - Barry M Cosmetics)
Love love love experimenting with my nails!
It's all about patterns and prints lately and here's my take on polka-dots and ditsy floral prints.
Here, I used a nail art pen to do the white and yellow flowers and dots which made it a LOT easier than with a brush! I got my kit from Argos years ago but you can get the nail pens anywhere nowadays.
I have a few smudges because, like many, I get impatient and can't wait long enough to put on the top coat. Saying this, I really do love how this has turned out! It's like a vintage/retro twist on nails.
If you would like a tutorial on this let me know, I'm willing to hear any feedback too!


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