Wednesday, 23 May 2012

OOTD: Intergalactic Summer

(Vest Top: Workshop Clothing via Topshop/Black Denim Cut-Offs: Topshop (DIY)/Shoes: Topshop)
As you all probably know, everyone has gone mad for galaxy prints! It's been all over the place, from shoes, to leggings to tops, EVERYWHERE. Now, personally, I'm not reaaaally a fan, however, I saw this vest in Topshop and loved it.
I think it was the colours that drew me in at first - I really like pink and grey together. But also the design on the front and the hanging sides made me want to spend my money on it. As I bought it back in the beginning of April, I can't remember exactly how much it was, though, I'm sure it was £20-something.
In London, we are suddenly having the HOTTEST weather (makes a change) and this is what I wore today. Personally, it wasn't hot enough to get my pasty white legs out so I opted for a trusty pair of black tights. Over those, I wore these Topshop shorts which I studded myself. For my shoes, I wore my studded slipper Topshop shoes. Yes, Topshop again. I am obsessed.
Kind of annoying that everyone has these shoes now, but they are so comfy and easy to slip on, plus they practically go with everything!
Anyway, I'm off out to enjoy more of the sun. :-)

P.S. Thanks to anyone who's followed me so far!


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