Friday, 11 May 2012

MAC, Cranberry Eyeshadow

After watching, Pixiwoo's Youtube tutorial on one of Kristen Stewart's make-up looks, I fell totally in love with it Especially, the Cranberry Mac eye-shadow that Nicola used in the tutorial. It is such an unusual colour, particularly for use on the eyes - it's not a very common shade that people use.

I knew I had to buy the eye-shadow and recreate the look. The eye-shadow cost £13.50 which is quite expensive but the colour is so vivid and although it has a shimmer, the colour is still vibrant on the eyelid which I feel some other eyeshadow's lack in!

I think the eye-shadow photographs with more of a Pink shade, however, when you apply it, it is definitely more of a Burgundy/Maroon shade.

After following the tutorial, here is how my final look turned out...

For my first time doing this look, I really thought it came out great. Although, obviously I am not a trained make-up artist so obviously Nicola's looks better (bottom image). Also, I think the Cranberry shade really stands out on her piercing Green eyes.

The BEST part is, I tweeted my look to Nicola (@NixiePixi) anddddd, she tweeted back:

Was so happy!
What do you think of the Cranberry colour?



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