Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Battle Of The Highlighters: Benefit High Beam VS. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

At the moment, I am SO obsessed with highlighters! As it gets closer and closer to Summer I love recreating the illusion of dewy, glowing skin with my make-up. These are my two favourites at the moment - Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter and MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish highlighter in, 'Soft and Gentle'. 

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in, 'Soft and Gentle'

This highlighter was my first ever highlighter. So this is where my obsession began. I really liked the colour of this highlighter as it complimented my skin tone well. It isn't too bright on the skin so it gives a lovely shimmer to the face in the light. MAC says it is, 'A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish'. 'It smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, brows - anywhere on the body - providing an ultra-deluxe polish to the skin.' Unlike some, I prefer to apply this with my finger to my cheekbones because that way it's a lot more 
pigmented as it sits on the skin. When I apply it with a contour or blush brush, I feel I don't get as much definition to the cheekbones as I want. 

One thing, I don't like about this highlighter, is that I have noticed a couple of times that during a night out the shimmer spreads to other parts of my face making me look glittery all over! This is one of the reasons why I bought, Benefit's High Beam highlighter as it is a liquid and tends to stay put more than the MAC Skin Finish.

Benefit Liquid Highlighter, 'High-Beam'

I love this highlighter. What I particularly adore about it is the pearly, pink colour that the highlighter has, meaning that it pretty much suits all skin colours from the palest of pale, to dark tones. 
I apply this to the top of my cheekbones, under my brow bone and also on my cupid's bow for that all over glowy finish. Benefit also have a few other liquid highlighter's such as, 'Moon Beam' and 'Sun Beam' however, as my skin is quite pale, I thought this would be good for all year round. 'Sun Beam' would be great for people with a more olive toned skin colour or those who have just come back from a holiday!
The staying power of this highlighter slightly beats that of the MAC highlighter. Because it is a liquid, I feel as those it stays much better sitting on top of my foundation or just my skin whereas the powder formula of the MAC Skin Finish slides away quicker.
The only thing that disappoints me with this highlighter is the applicator. I try not to put it on my face because it gets dirty quicker when it touches your face/make-up every time you put it in and out of the bottle. I preferably try to use another small brush instead to apply it.

Here is a swatch of both highlighters on my skin:

(MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Left/ Benefit High Beam - Right)

You can see that the MAC highlighter has a more peachy/goldy tone (probably suited to more darker skinned people) whereas the pearly pink of the Benefit highlighter is perfect for those more pale and generally anybody.
Overall, both highlighters are great. I think it honestly depends on what you prefer. Some people prefer powders, some prefer liquids. Both I feel, are great for a natural shimmer without looking obviously glittery.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

OOTD: Intergalactic Summer

(Vest Top: Workshop Clothing via Topshop/Black Denim Cut-Offs: Topshop (DIY)/Shoes: Topshop)
As you all probably know, everyone has gone mad for galaxy prints! It's been all over the place, from shoes, to leggings to tops, EVERYWHERE. Now, personally, I'm not reaaaally a fan, however, I saw this vest in Topshop and loved it.
I think it was the colours that drew me in at first - I really like pink and grey together. But also the design on the front and the hanging sides made me want to spend my money on it. As I bought it back in the beginning of April, I can't remember exactly how much it was, though, I'm sure it was £20-something.
In London, we are suddenly having the HOTTEST weather (makes a change) and this is what I wore today. Personally, it wasn't hot enough to get my pasty white legs out so I opted for a trusty pair of black tights. Over those, I wore these Topshop shorts which I studded myself. For my shoes, I wore my studded slipper Topshop shoes. Yes, Topshop again. I am obsessed.
Kind of annoying that everyone has these shoes now, but they are so comfy and easy to slip on, plus they practically go with everything!
Anyway, I'm off out to enjoy more of the sun. :-)

P.S. Thanks to anyone who's followed me so far!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Spring-Time Nails

(Base Colour: Raspberry - Barry M Cosmetics)
Love love love experimenting with my nails!
It's all about patterns and prints lately and here's my take on polka-dots and ditsy floral prints.
Here, I used a nail art pen to do the white and yellow flowers and dots which made it a LOT easier than with a brush! I got my kit from Argos years ago but you can get the nail pens anywhere nowadays.
I have a few smudges because, like many, I get impatient and can't wait long enough to put on the top coat. Saying this, I really do love how this has turned out! It's like a vintage/retro twist on nails.
If you would like a tutorial on this let me know, I'm willing to hear any feedback too!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

OOTD: Denim & Florals.

(Chiffon Blouse: New Look/Denim Floral Bralet: Topshop/Black Skirt: Topshop)
My first outfit post! So I understand if it's not that great ha.
This is the outfit I wore last to celebrate the end of exams of my first year of University! So happy to be finally done. Five months off for Summer, can't complain really.
Looking through my wardrobe, I picked this outfit out. I bought this bralet before Christmas but have only just decided to wear it - I just haven't known what to put it with during these last FREEZING few months. I checked on the Topshop website to see if it's still there, it is, but only in a size 14 and 16. If you really wanted it, I'm sure Ebay would have a few, if not similar ones!
This blouse I think worked perfectly as the dusty pink sleeves complimented the small flowers on the bralet, loved that! I paired the rest of this outfit with one of my favourite pieces, the black skirt. LOVE anything high-waisted.

Hope you liked this outfit!

Friday, 11 May 2012

MAC, Cranberry Eyeshadow

After watching, Pixiwoo's Youtube tutorial on one of Kristen Stewart's make-up looks, I fell totally in love with it Especially, the Cranberry Mac eye-shadow that Nicola used in the tutorial. It is such an unusual colour, particularly for use on the eyes - it's not a very common shade that people use.

I knew I had to buy the eye-shadow and recreate the look. The eye-shadow cost £13.50 which is quite expensive but the colour is so vivid and although it has a shimmer, the colour is still vibrant on the eyelid which I feel some other eyeshadow's lack in!

I think the eye-shadow photographs with more of a Pink shade, however, when you apply it, it is definitely more of a Burgundy/Maroon shade.

After following the tutorial, here is how my final look turned out...

For my first time doing this look, I really thought it came out great. Although, obviously I am not a trained make-up artist so obviously Nicola's looks better (bottom image). Also, I think the Cranberry shade really stands out on her piercing Green eyes.

The BEST part is, I tweeted my look to Nicola (@NixiePixi) anddddd, she tweeted back:

Was so happy!
What do you think of the Cranberry colour?


Monday, 7 May 2012

Hellooooo there.

Finally. I've decided to make a blog. I said I'd start one after my exams but I got too excited with all my thoughts and ideas that I couldn't wait that long. Oopsy.
I've been reading so many people's blogs recently and it's just made me want to create my own even more. I've been wanting to for so long and I think now is the perfect time.

From when I can remember I've always been in LOVE with fashion and of course, beauty, which I think, comes hand in hand with that.
I'm using this blog to express and show everybody what I love.

Let's see how it goes.

P.s. Please bare in mind that my blog is still one hundred percent still under construction!



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