Monday, 25 May 2015

James Read Tanning Products

I've recently been introduced to a tanning brand I'd never have heard of before called, James Read Tan. I've only become a 'fake-tanner' for about a year now as the thought of applying fake tan scared me as I didn't want to look Orange nor patchy. I got onto the tanning bandwagon when I started by using a gradual tan product and from then I got hooked on the idea of looking sunkissed all year round. For somebody who is of Greek Cypriot heritage, I am so pale which I don't mind as much in the Winter, but who wants to be pale in the Summer?!
I first tried the, James Read Bronzing Mousse* which you apply to a tanning mitt and blend in with sweeping strokes. I have used bronzing mousse's before but I feel this one gives me the most realistic colour to what I would actually get if I was to tan naturally. I do apply a good few layers of this, leaving about half an hour in between applications to get a gorgeous Olive-toned look. This also lasts for a good week before getting patchy so I was really impressed.
Next up is the, James Read Instant Bronzing Mist*. I've never even heard of a bronzing mist so was a little dubious to see how this would look. This is amazing if you want to tan your face as it applies really lightly yet gives a really even coverage. This is my new favourite to tan my face. The Clarins Liquid Bronze has always been a massive favourite of mine also to give my face some natural looking glow.
Lastly is the, James Read Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask*. This can be used before and after tanning to exfoliate the dead skin cells off of the skin so you can achieve a flawlessly smooth tan. There's nothing worse than patchy tan on the face as it makes you look muddy and dirty which I really cannot stand on myself or others. I love a good exfoliating mask so this works well for me before and during having fake tan on as I feel tan never lasts as well on the face due to cleansing twice a day.
I'd definitely recommend these products if you want to look glowy all summer round as these products create a long-lasting tan and the colour is one of the best I've achieved from any tanning brand I've used!

Monday, 18 May 2015


Top: Primark | Shorts: Asos | Trainers: Converse | Hat: Topshop

Cue more summery outfits hitting the blog in the next few months, yay! It's definitely getting sunnier and warmer here in the UK (although stereotypically not consistently). This outfit has been one of my favourites to wear and blog for a long time and this crochet top screams Summer to me. Like I mentioned in my last post, crochet is everywhere at the moment both online and in shops and I can understand why. It just has a boho-festival feel to it and it just looks so good as part of summer looks. This fringed crochet number is a little beauty from Primark believe it or not. Primark does actually have quite a few crochet pieces at the moment which caught my eye. I wasn't really sure how to style this top but with these new ASOS shorts I bought a couple of months ago I think they make a cute combination. I love a 'mom' style short; they look so Nineties and these ASOS ones do look pretty authentic. To add an element of colour I thought my Pink Converse's would complement nicely but keep the overall look casual and effortless.
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